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Jack Russell Music
Jack Russell Music


Desmond Campbell : Executive producer

CEO and founder of DWC Production

Born in the parish of St. Andrew to  Joyce Jackson and Herman Campbell, married to my beautiful wife Kathleen Campbell, I am the father of six children and seven grandchildren and a  veteran of the Jamaica defense force engineering regiment. After retiring from the Jamaica defense force, I worked with  west Indies home contractors and Surrey paving &aggregate as a road construction supervisor.


 After much adoration to  the Lord Jesus Christ. My overwhelming inspiration to become apart of the gospel music fraternity, being involved for many years in games machines, such as poker boxes, pub and dance hall music and more,I got a vision to give my life to the Lord and has made myself available to the service of the Lord. Having no knowledge of the art of singing nor the world of music, I decided to do as the Lord instructed me, I believe that   with God all things are possible,


 The fountain of love gospel ministry was out of Gods instructions, in an environment which sees daily the brewing and mixing of several wonderful recipes that has brought smiles and sights of content to many, the fountain of love gospel ministry was a delectable creation spawned in the creative kitchen of Desmond Campbell on March 15,2001 the name was given to the group based on the philosophy that Jesus Christ is the fountain of our salvation and also the ever flowing fountain, which spring joy  peace and love, hence derive the name fountain of love,


 In that same year, the group decided to share the wonderful joy of their creation with the Jamaica audience and the world and entered Jcdc gospel festival competition with their original entry stand up for Jesus, Building on the momentum and the flow of creative juice, by October 2001 they also released an album dubbed, Thank you for saving me, which featured 14 dynamic tracks, the continuous demand for the group to perform over the country, flows as a justifiable recognition of their imitable style and powerful stage performance, coupled with their tear jerking and taught provoking lyrics, truly fountain of love, represents a welcome, refreshing and unique approach to gospel.


2003 fountain of love gospel ministry entered JCDC Gospel Festival competition with another original song, title : Trust Me, this song was one of the Top 10 song that year, 2006 the group released their 2nd professionals album dubbed, spread your wings, I move to promote the record label Dwc production and spread my wings to several artists and producers, these are few of the names Jabez, Shellyann Watson, Ian Chang aka purpose, Dj Nicholos, Janay Bowie, NyJole Dyer, kimbilee Bent Bishop Tevin Scott, DJ Access, Warren Robinson, and many more,


Yours Truly the founder of Dwc production, with the assistant of the singer's and producers that God sent to me, wrote and produced over 70 songs distributed by 21st hapilos, on Amazon, to date 6 albums, New Jerusalem, Best of Dwc vol 1, 2, 3,4, Come Bredda, Dwc &PD- production, ,

Special, thanks to my Pastor, Bishop Bradley S.E.Dyer, Jp and the Rehoboth Apostolic family, Kathleen Campbell my devoted wife, Leon Nash, to all producers and singers, 21st hapilos, families and friends media houses, and to all families and friends, that gave me strong support.

Please contact us at Jack Russell Music if you would like to use any of Solgie’s compositions for film, television, electronic media or covers.