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Tony Prescott
Tony Prescott

A longstanding musical entertainer within the Caribbean community, Tony Prescott hails from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Specifically renowned for his rhythmic vocal executions within the soca and calypso genres, Tony has been labeled one of the island’s most ubiquitous artistes of this era.


With roots embedded on sister isle Tobago, Prescott’s heritage and personal character has allowed for a versatile aura that offers reassurance to his avid fan base. A 20 year tenure in the music business has seen Tony produce masterful tracks like All Aboard, Surrender, Follow Me, Together As One, Genie, Wukin Up, Hey and countless others, all tracks that have allowed him the opportunity to work alongside some of the Caribbean’s most prominent producers. From Leston Paul, to Barbados’ Nicholas Brancar, Kenny Phillip, and Pelham Goddard, Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop, Darryl Braxton and Terrence James, Prescott has worked with pioneers of production, maintaining a high standard of recorded quality that he believes should never be compromised.


Tony’s big break as a soca artiste came in 1993. He’d been a part of the band Sunberg for 3 years, and later, when the opportunity presented itself, Prescott aligned himself with Atlantic, one of the region’s most highly acclaimed soca bands of that time. As frontline singer, Tony P would earn a name for himself, being branded as a mainstay to carnival. In 1999, after six years of great performances, Caribbean tours and the like, he moved over to the band Surface. Tony’s tenure as Surface’s frontline singer spanned nine years before he made the conscious decision to part ways, in a bid to broaden his horizons. 


Prescott has participated in Carnivals around the region, from Jamaica to Barbados, Grenada and even the Bahamas, being accepted and loved for the charisma that he exudes as one of the industry’s more humble and vocally trained entertainers. His musical themes have always seemed to become Caribbean anthems, exuding energy, the spirit of togetherness and a general sense of positive action. In 1999, Together As One brought the islands of the Caribbean together in full force, as they represented for the West Indies Cricket team, chanting the lyrics in unison and emitting unified strength.


In the year 2000, Tony Prescott placed first in the Young Kings Competition in Trinidad and Tobago- an accolade he holds in high esteem in his career. Prescott has collaborated on a number of tracks, among them Sugar Bum Bum, a song remixed alongside the late, great Lord Kitchener and Natalie Burke. Separately, the artiste who is well known and admired for his versatility, has sung a number of pan compositions. His most recent track, Ten Commandments of Pan, received rave reviews from steel pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean.


Jumping ahead to the year 2009, Trinidad and Tobago became the host nation to the Fifth Summit of the Americas- a gathering of world leaders. At this opportune time, Prescott was hand picked as part of the local cultural contingent.  At the opening ceremony, he showcased his talent in lyric and melody, outdoing many with a performance that left little to be desired. He’d shone amid hundreds of media practitioners from across the world, and not to mention heads of state from the US to Suriname, Venezuela to Guyana.


Never one to stop, Prescott kept the momentum high, running into the end of 2009 with a bang. A track, symbolically titled, Sailing hit the airwaves strong. Going into carnival 2010, the masses embraced the track, which would become a boat ride anthem much like, his chart topper, All Aboard.


In November 2010, Tony Prescott was again selected to be among a small faction of cultural performers to represent his country. This time he was heading to India on behalf of Trinidad and Tobago’s High Commission, which celebrated its 40th year in that country. Sailing was definitely crossing the high seas and everyone, from 3 Canal and the rest of the 16-member delegation were All Aboard, for the ride.


Since that time, Prescott has been touring across North America and Europe. He remains a favourite among event promoters. All Aboard, an anthem that has taken on a life of its own, keeps Prescott’s name relevant, especially in overseas Caribbean circles where the desire to have elements of ‘home’ are strong. In 2014, Tony released a single called, Stop Play Innocent. It was a bit different from what he’d been accustomed to releasing but it worked. The sudden change was attractive to the radio station heads who seemed to lap it up with little thought. One year later, Prescott found himself in the company of great musicians once again. He had teamed up with a new band- OMG The Band, a group that continues to cement its place in the music industry in the Caribbean. Prior to Carnival 2016, the band appeared in Bequia, off the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A show that also featured Jazz impresario, Arturo Tappin had warmly welcomed OMG, and Prescott once again shone alongside some of Trinidad and Tobago’s great musicians.


A single released for Carnival 2016 called, “Spread Out” has since captured the attention of some of the world’s leading musical minds. The appreciation shown for the track at home has been encouraging to the veteran entertainer. The single will be featured on VP Records’ 2016 Soca Gold album, something Prescott sees as a tremendous achievement.


Separately, Tony Prescott has proven his worth as a radio personality in the past two years. A favourite at Trinidad based frequency, WACK 90.1FM, Prescott and fellow personality, KG command the 3pm-6pm weekly spot with a show called, “Culture Drive” – a show that’s noted to be the most listened to on that frequency.


Still relevant and extremely significant to the future of the soca music industry, Tony Prescott is expected to proceed with little obstruction. Hard working, grounded and appreciative of the people that have made him who he is today, the world can certainly look forward to bigger, greater revelations from this artiste in the years to come.


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