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            She’s got the looks, the style and the demeanour of an icon. Blessed with the gift of music and clothed in an aura larger than life itself, Italee possesses an electrifying, soulful, super-melodic voice that will send shivers rocketing up your spine and take your mind drifting in other dimensions.            

Born in the heart of Kingston, this authentic Jamaican powerhouse beauty standing at 5feet 10inches tall has charm, mystery, beauty and grace with a majestic appeal that commands attention wherever she goes. Italee’s got just what it takes to enter into the hearts of people worldwide, with her unique ability to connect to one and all through the delivery and language of her songs.              

Italee also has an amazing gift for writing and creating melodies, dressing words in such a way that brings them to life, taking you deep within the pictures of her stories. Her melodic twist along with her exotic Jamaican-flavoured accent seeps into your mind like wine, exciting all your senses.            

Armed with these tremendous gifts, Italee stews up incredible love on stage giving her the charismatic poise of a performing legend... Her alluring voice embodied with her stunning appeal flares beneath the spotlights, sending an electrical charge to her audience that keeps them wanting more and more - making it truly obvious to see why so many feel she’s destined to be a star.           

Italee’s parents’ love for music in her younger years laid a good foundation for her musical development. She remembers waking up in the early hours of the mornings to her father singing and strumming away on his guitar (the best time for writing a song, he reckons) and the grand feeling that she’d get from participating in its creation. She remembers as a child being dolled up and taken by her mother to various competitions and the tremendous responses she’d receive from her audiences, replaying them in her mind for weeks or days until the next event. It was these early years that developed this genuine love and thirst within her for music and the stage.            

Since then this universal giant has been making quite an impressive track record for herself, with a duet on Shaggy’s 10 times multi-platinum album Hot Shot, a solo performance entitled Why on the hit movie Show Time sound track album (starring Eddie Murphy and Robert Dinero) using her alias RUDE on both these projects. She also has her own production company and has produced some of Jamaica’s best dancehall/ International acts such as: Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Red Rat, Sizzla, herself and many more.

She has a first hand experience of the world of music from a first world point of view and has worked with some of the greatest international producers such as:Tony Canal (of No Doubt), Derrick Bramble (producer extraordinaire),Dave Stewart, Duncan Sheik, Redone, Mike Mangienne, UB4O, Jeff Bova,Dave Kelly, Robert Livingston, and Sly Dunbar among many others and has been endorsed/backed by world acclaimed musicians such as: Cindy Blackman, Jack Dailey(Lenny Kravitz’s drummer and bass player) Nair-Z (John Myers’ drummer), Rudolph Valentino, Gibby and Paul Kahastic just to name a few. She has also performed at numerous events alongside and sharing stage with some of Jamaica’s and the world greatest acts, and has been flown half way across the earth to New Zealand to star in the production of a 7 series Caruba Rum campaign .            

She is never far off from being courteous, kind and humble with an empathetic beam of light that radiates throughout her persona. Italee is one of those rare and special individuals that we are blessed to have walking within our midst and it has been stated by many that her name shall be written among the greatest legends/acts of all times.         

With numerous other talents beneath her belt she is never afraid to wear her many hats: (singer/writer/producer/poet/activist/designer/promoter/model).


                                                            For Italee music is a strong liberating asset that frees her from the worries and chaos of life, it’s her perfect companion with an unlimited source of feeling; she rejoices in sharing this with others. Her readiness to rise to the call of music that resonates from deep within her, gives her this dynamic edge of soul and passion that can transport you in time. The channel is clear for this queen of music on her conquest to success, fame and fortune. (Basically Italee’s more than just an artiste, she’s an experience).

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