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Hawkeye is one of dance hall’s most prolific artists. He boasts innate music skill, witty lyrics, charisma and style. The DJ, born Christopher Smith, possess the qualities of a star. His multiple dance hall smashes, numerous underground hits and loyal fan base have earned him a permanent place in dance hall music’s ever - growing fraternity. Fans can hear a Hawkeye tune and immediately know it’s him. His signature hypnotic growl and catchy phrases make his voice recognizable. Yet, each of his songs bears a unique identity. His career is moving at the speed of light!

But it was the 1997 effort “Arrest Mi Officer” on Danny Browne’s Main Street label, which made Hawkeye a household name throughout the Caribbean, United Kingdom, and various markets in the United States. “Arrest Mi Officer” was top choice on the dance hall circuit in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and Florida. During this time, Hawkeye unleashed such memorable tunes as “Beg Fi Him,” “Ooh Aah Aah,” “Man A Bad Man” and more.

Hawkeye ventured into the studio in 1988 to record his first song “Patios.” The single, produced by John Mills, yielded a great response in Jamaica. This initial experience gave Hawkeye the encouragement to continue making music.

Respectively, the single “Bubble and Wine” catapulted to success in 2002, as it had the infamous Diwali riddim as a backdrop. Hawkeye's first album of the same name "Bubble and Wine" features Hawkeye at his best, as he shines on such tunes as “Twingy Twanga,” “La La La,” “All My Ladies,” the energetic anthem “Kingston Jamaica” and many others. The effort was a long time in the making.
This former chef turned dance hall artist has been serving up delectable music for quite some time. While under the guise of Byron Murray and the “In the Streetz” label during 2000-2002, Hawkeye’s popularity increased. He scored with many Caribbean and United Kingdom dance hall chart toppers including “Yu Nuh Beg,” “Money Making Guy,” “Reality Thing,” “Go Rachel” and “Just Like We.” “This was a really important period in my career,” reflects Hawkeye.

2003 was quickly becoming hailed as Hawkeye’s most prosperous year. He appeared alongside Phife of the legendary Hip Hop act Atribe called QUEST, on the smash single “Diggy Dialect.” The collaboration was billed as one of Hip Hop/Reggae finest products in 2003. “I like keeping my fans surprised,” indicates Hawkeye. “I want to put out music that is diverse without definitive boundaries.” “I think this collaboration says it all.”

As the single’s popularity soared among Hip Hop and Reggae fans, a promotional tour was being worked on and a music video forthcoming. Additionally, this unstoppable DJ was performing throughout the United States and the Caribbean, ripping up the stage each and every time. He graced the stage in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., and Trinidad and Tobago and through hard work, persistence and the grace of God; Hawkeye established a respectable media presence.

Hawkeye went on to be heard on radio stations in major markets in the United States including New York’s Hot 97 (97.1 WQHT), WLIB (1190) and Metro Washington’s WMUC (88.1). These interviews signified a major milestone for Hawkeye. During every interview he provided listeners with a candid look at his experiences, news on his career/upcoming ventures and of course, the wickedest freestyle.
Celebrating the release of his debut album Bubble and Wine on the Twingy Twanga imprint.” Hawkeye is by far no newcomer to dance hall music, as he first entered the scene over 15 years ago.

HAWKEYE is now being managed by Swing Sang Productions who released in 2012, Hawkeyes debut reggae album titled HAWK-XTRA that consists of 18 great and inspiring reggae tracks. This is a complete reggae album that has received positive reviews.

Since joining the Swing Sang Management team in 2007 Hawkeye's career has changed for the better with his 18-track reggae album and his career pointing to European performances and global recognition.


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