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Katalys Crew Prod

Katalys Crew is a dynamic force in Reggae music. For 7 years the band has proven that a collective consciousness can indeed produce life changing experiences. Formed in 2003 the band launched its first album in June 2004, proving a true testament to the future successful journey and destination of this group, dubbed by industry insiders as one of the biggest, most intriguing and captivating debuts ever in Jamaica. Over 7000 people gathered in Kingston’s Emancipation Park to witness and celebrate the creative, inspirational, spiritual and powerful musical expressions of Katalys Crew.

Despite being only 7 years old, Katalys Crew has been through its share of changes. The band originally started with 9 members, but has undergone personnel changes over time. According to band leader Paul Barclay, Katalys Crew today has evolved while still reflecting the band's spiritual leadership and collective vision. Central to the Crew’s focus and longevity is their collective belief in Jesus Christ. The solid foundation of God-given values honed by this strong faith has translated into a desire to influence the local and international community.

As accomplished musicians, the Crew is on a constant quest to explore other musical dimensions. Despite the members' relaitive youth, Katalys Crew represents many years of experience in the Jamaican music industry allowing for a captivating mix of the traditional elements of Reggae music with the creativity and passion of youth. Because the Crew sees itself as an Agent of Change, the journey is a conscious one. It is a journey that supports the mission of KatsJam Records, to transform the minds of many through messages in the unique language of reggae music. It is this vision of long term change that fuels the energies within the group. The intention is to remain fresh and current while remaining true to their stated vision.

Katalys Crew launched its Album in May 2005 in the Bronx, New York. This event produced by the group, which was dubbed “A Gift to Mom”, was also a major success. The band then performed in Grand Cayman and St Martin and along with renowned gospel artiste CeCe Winans, shared the headline for Antigua’s Independence celebrations.

The members have been associated with well known Jamaican artistes such as Ernie Smith, Papa San, Judy Mowatt, Luciano, Carlene Davis, just to name a few. Since 2003 the band has been responsible for support music at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) annual gospel festival competition and also as featured guest for the three consecutive years. Katalys Crew was the resident band for “First Sundays Unchained” held every month at the Life of Jamaica Auditorium for three years. The event. featuring artistes such as Luciano, Warrior King, George Nooks, and Ken Boothe, is a charitable venture to promote education in the prisons of Jamaica under the Student Expressing Truth (SET) programme.

Katalys Crew won the Caribbean Gospel Award for Best Gospel Album for Open Your Eyes in 2005 and Top Caribbean Gospel Group in 2006. They also received the Maja Award for song of the year in 2006 and were nominated in every possible category in the competition, a first in the Maja Awards (not to mention seven nominations in the Marlin Marlin Awards including song of the year). In 2007 the album Open Your Eyes was nominated for album of the year by IRWAMA. The group performed at the award ceremonies held at the Apollo Theatre in May when they embarked on a four week tour in the U.S. to promote their new album4 A REASON.

Katalys Crew – Agent for Change, visionary, continues to lead the way  with inspirational reggae sounds. Success has only just begun for this band: with its clear sense of spiritual consciousness and unity, the dedication to ignite a positive awakening of the human spirit throughout the universe will produce a ripple effect of ultimate awareness of the power of positive messages.

Katalys Crew Prod

Paul Barclay (Bassist, Vocals), the founder and leader of the band, having recalled his love for chemistry in high school, adopts the meaning of the one word that seems to have left an indelible mark on his mind: "catalyst" – an agent which has the ability to instigate change without itself being transformed. His dream was to utilize music as the springboard for change without losing the essence of its message. As a result, “Katalys” was born.

The new faces of the Katalys Crew on the Katsjam Record Label are recording artistes Clifford HenryTrevan "Treddy Clarke and Kavel "The Psalmist".


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